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Peter Cavelti is the author of several internationally published non-fiction and fiction books


Tuiavii's Way

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Tuiavii's Way: A South Sea Chief's Comments on Western Society.
A rare glimpse at ourselves through the eyes of an outsider, this social commentary written at the turn of the twentieth century is a jarring reminder that our viewpoint on the world is not shared by everyone. Published by Legacy Press, Toronto, 1997, 1999 and 2007. Published by Sanseido,  Japan in 2010.

"A fascinating and all too rare look at ourselves through another culture's eyes."
Ottawa Citizen (Editor's Choice)
"In Tuiavii’s Way, his insightful writings for the first time enjoy careful translation and adaptation."
"Five Stars."
" A must read for any student of comparitive culture and anthropology." Roger Plunk, Author of America's Highest Destiny


                    Dangerous Remedy by Peter Cavelti

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A Dangerous Remedy.
This morality thriller questions the human impulse to categorize evil as a simple matter of villains and heroes. A profound, highly readable meditation on the extreme measures we will take when the object of our love is threatened. Published by Legacy Press, Toronto, 2004.

"A creditable debut from an author whose moral message shouldn't be ignored.“ Globe & Mail - Canada's National Newspaper
“Breathtaking in its suspense.” Larry Gaudet, Author of The Peacekeeper’s Teahouse
“An intense page turner that kept me guessing to the very end.” Peter Plantec, Author of Virtual Humans

New Profits In
                    Gold & Silver

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New Profits in Gold, Silver & Strategic Metals.
A comprehensive work on precious and non-ferrous metals, their history, markets and investment vehicles. Sections of this book have been reprinted in countless other publications. A classic! Published by McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, in 1983 and 1985.

"Belongs in the library of every serious investor." The Metals Investor
"The most definitive book ever written on the subject". Gold Newsletter
"This book does exactly what it claims—it shows you how to invest." The Toronto Star

How To
                    Invest In Gold by peter Cavelti

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How To Invest In Gold.
This primer on gold is somewhat outdated, but the various investment techniques are still valid. Published by McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, in 1979 and 1981. Published by Follett Publishing, Chicago, in 1979.

"A practical primer that should assist any gold buyer…" Publishers Weekly




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