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The Hostile World: Part 2, The Demographic Time Bomb – October 18, 2004

The Hostile World: Part 1, Coping With Geopolitical and Economic Uncertainties – September 16, 2004

Europe’s Descent into Irrelevance – July 13, 2004

Globalization: How Wall Street’s Opportunity Became Wall’s Street’s Headache – June 13, 2004

Strategic Update - Why I Expect The Fed To Stay Behind The Curve - April 21, 2004

Iraq - A Defining Moment For America And Islamicism - April 8, 2004

Intelligence Failures - A Old As Humanity Itself - March 11, 2004

Social Security and Mortgage Lending: Two Hot Potatoes for Greenspan - March 10, 2004

Three Inflation Hedges That Will Protect You - January 7, 2004

Today’s Europe: Down On America, Unhappy With Germany and France –December 7, 2003

Why Energy Prices Will Stay Firm: The New Realities –October 30, 2003

America’s New Scapegoat: Why China Will Fit the Bill -September 15, 2003

The Fed’s Monetary Torrent: Sowing the Seeds of Inflation -August 12, 2003

Gold and Gold Stocks: Another Chance to get On Board -July 16, 2003

The United Nations: A Once Noble Ideal in Tatters – April and May 2003

Esthetics over Ethics: How the Major Powers Hide Behind Morality – February 26, 2003

Preamble to Invasion: Europe Divided, the UN in Tatters – January and February 2003

Iraq: Seven Viewpoints That Matter - December 20, 2002

The Iraq War: A Questionable Enterprise – August to November 2002

Government And Big Business: Distrusted For A Reason - July and August 2002

Where The E.U. Is Headed – June 15, 2002

America And Europe At Odds – April 15, 2002

America Could Blow It All - April 03, 2002

Observations On Europe – March 20, 2002

America The Moralizer – March 4, 2002

Axis Of Evil – February 2002

9/11/2001: The Geopolitical, Social and Financial Consequences - January 25, 2002

Russia: America's New Best Friend - January 9, 2002

The New War, - November 08, 2001

The War On Privacy - 2000 and 2001

Japan's Loss, China's Gain: Asia's Major Powers on Opposite Courses - August 2001

Japan's Swan Song: Tokyo's Problems Have Only Just Begun - July 2001

Where Are Corporate Ethics? - June 2001

Lessons From the Technology Crash - March 2001

The Globalization Ruckus: Is It Justified? - 2000 and 2001

About Bhutan - January 2001

Will Tomorrow's World Have 1000 Nations? - May 2000


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