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melissacavelti.jpg (13488 bytes) Melissa graduated from Northwestern University and went on to become a Chartered Financial Analyst. She has been in the financial industry for 25 years. While employed at Royal Bank of Canada, she rose to become Portfolio Advisor and member of the bank’s Strategic Planning Committee. In 2002, she joined the Bank of Montreal, which owns BMO, Nesbitt Burns and Chicago’s Harris Bank and services more than ten million clients. As Vice President and Senior U.S. Equity Specialist, her job was to provide daily portfolio advice to the bank’s Investment Advisors and to be the manager of the BMO Nesbitt Burns U.S. Equity Portfolio, which solidly outperformed the S&P 500 index during her tenure.

Later, she took on additional responsibilities with the Bank of Montreal, becoming a Managing Director and the Manager of the bank’s ‘Portfolio Action and Research Team’, where she had 13 senior investment professionals reporting to her and was in charge of all four of the bank’s Model/Guided Portfolios.

Melissa joined our firm in 2010. She is highly qualified to assist clients, both in the areas of reviewing existing banking and brokerage relationships and portfolio analysis.




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